Preis Liste

Price policy

I offer live online cooking classes for six participants onwards.
You can either put together your own group (minimum 10 participants) and choose the dates and menu yourself, or register for a cooking class on one of the dates and menus set by me.


Option 1: classes with dates and menus set by me

Price per person per course:

Here are  basic prices for different course catagories

Rice and Curry Sri Lanka Gourmet Tours  17,00 €

Sri Lanka Fingerfood Tours  22,00 €

Sri Lanka Entertainers – Party Tours  28,00 €

For above course catagories there is a price reduction when more people cook in the same kitchen. 

Person 1: Basic price 17 €/22€/28€

+ person 2: 10€ for the secound person

person 3 + : 7€ per person


Option 2: Flexible dates and menus for groups

Minimum number of participant should be ten and should be paid ten times the basic prices of each menu catagory, regardless whether some or all the participants are cooking from the same kitchen.

From the 10th person onwards each person will be charged the basic prices of each menu catagory.

There is a list of courses that can be choosen, you may combine dishes as you wish up to the limit of the number of dishes that each menu catagory is comprised of.