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CHUTNEY (Online Course 401) – Beetroot Chutney

Chandani cooking beetroot Chutney2

You can make chutneys with many vegetables and fruits. Today I am happy to guide you to make a very delicious beetroot chutney.

Usually a chutney preparation can take about three hours. From the chopping of the vegetable, cooking in low heat and filling properly into sterilise jars are included in this process. You should let a chutney simmer for at least one hour, some varieties even a little longer. From welcome to farewell, you won’t even feel how quickly the time flies, during our fun filled chutney course.

Chutney are very delicious accompaniments to rice and curry, meat, fish, bread, crackers or cheese. You can eat beetroot chutney with a plate of rice & curry as well.


Course Features

  • Max Students16
  • Duration3 hour
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