A short introduction about me...

Hi, I’m Chandani.  I grew up in Sri Lanka and have lived in Switzerland, Italy, and Germany for more than 26 years.  During these years I learned some of the traditional dishes from each country I lived in.  I have loved cooking since I was a young girl and learned most of my Sri Lankan cooking skills from my grandmother.

My grandmother was a great cook and very good at preparing rice and curry dishes, traditional sweets, as well as local chutneys and pickles, etc.  She prepared a sweet called “Walithalapa”.  Very often,  I used to come home with my friends after school and we enjoyed them. These sweet memories are part of my inspiration in today´s life.

As a small child, I loved to be with my grandmother, watching and joining her prepare many different food items.  My grandmother was my first  teacher of Sri Lankan cuisine when I was still a child.  I can still remember how she prepared hoppers and egghoppers in traditional fireplaces, and as a child I could not wait to eat hot hoppers directly from the pan.

When  I was a teenager I used to  helpe preparing “shorteats” (snacks) such as egg buns, rolls, cutlets, eggrotti and pattis for our own restaurant.  Since we had our own bakery , I picked up some cake baking skills  as well.

I worked in hotels and restaurants during my time in Switzerland and Germany and was able to gain knowledge about various international food preparation methods and ingredients.

During my stays in Switzerland, Italy, and Germany I have enjoyed cooking for friends and groups, organizing Sri Lankan evenings with Sri Lankan buffets, and conducting cooking classes.  This is my passion, which I would like to share with you.

I invite you to come enter my culinary world full of heart, fun and taste!